How To Make a Bionic Finger

Have you ever wondered, how do bionic/robotic limbs work? Well, this website teaches you how to make bionic/robotic finger from scratch. This website includes everything you will need such as materials, instructions, the programs necessary to run your finger as well as the code for your finger. Click here to watch a video of my finished finger.

Why Do We need Bionic Limbs?

We need bionic limbs for many different reasons. One of the main reasons being that when someone loses their natural limb, getting them a bionic limb can be a vital part of their rehabilitation. For many people who lose their limbs, getting a bionic limb can increase their mobility and ability to complete every day activities. It can also help people who have these bionic limbs to remain independent. The main aim of bionic limbs is to get the person who has lost their natural limb back to functioning like normal as well as possible.